Advertising in The “Har-Bowl”

By David Gole

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year in the country. This year’s game is between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, and on top of that, the coaches of both of the teams are brothers. Jim and John Harbaugh will face off against each other in the second “Har-Bowl” in February. One brother will go on to be known as a champion, the other as a disappointment to their family. Almost every American will be in front of the TV with their friends and family for not only the game but also everybody’s favorite time of the year – Super Bowl Commercials.

footballThe Super Bowl began as an event where the best football team of the year is declared in an all out showdown. Years later, it has evolved into the biggest television event of the year and that means one thing—great commercials. Big companies such as Doritos and Pepsi go all out in their marketing strategies. If the Super Bowl is the most watched event every year in America, why wouldn’t you try to sucker as many people as you can to buy your product in a 30 second segment? So far these commercials have not disappointed either. One of the favorites from last years Super Bowl, the Darth Vader Volkswagen Commercial, has over 55 million views on YouTube since the Super Bowl. In addition to marketing already popular brands, up and coming companies who were willing to spend the extra dollar made their debut with their Super Bowl ads.

A good example of one of these monster debut ads is Go Daddy. During the first quarter of Super Bowl 39, Go Daddy aired it’s first ever ad. Go Daddy’s raunchy advertising was the first of its kind during the Super Bowl, raking in 1.5 million hits to before the game ended, and leaving every viewer with its own opinion weather it be bad or good.

Bottom line, good marketing equals good results. With Go Daddy, the controversy of their advertisement brought attention to the site and made them money. When Volkswagen makes a Star Wars based ad, it draws attention to a diverse group of people. This year’s showdown between the Harbaugh brothers will bring in fans, drama lovers, and anyone who likes a good ad. It should be one for the ages so expect a good show.

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Come Together?

Coke Ads

The Coca-Cola Co. recently launched an ad campaign that is aimed at tackling the problem of obesity. They are now running a 2-minute ad, with more to come, addressing the problem and what they are doing to fix it.

Can a corporation that many people say has enabled a problem as harmful as obesity, justifiably have the right to say they are a part of the solution?   “Come Together”, watch the ad, and let us know what you think.

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Save Children by Playing Video Games

videogamesAs a non-profit, we’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to raise donations.  Trying to get people to donate their hard-earned money, even for a beneficial cause, can often become tedious.  The trick is to offer something fun in return.  Make the experience creative so that people don’t feel like they are donating to a faceless organization, but rather a dedicated group of people who want to enact change in the world.

A group called has done just that.  This group of Australian teens has created a simple, yet effective, incentive for people to donate.  Basically, they are hosting a 72-hour video game playing marathon.  The marathon has already started is live streaming now on their site.  Avid viewers can make donations with a simple click, with all proceeds going to Free The Children, a non-profit that builds schools in developing countries.

These guys have done everything they can to make the fund-raising process as personalized and interactive as possible.  Aside from simply watching them play, viewers who donate will also be entered in a raffle to win a Wii U.  You can also interact with the players by donating a chance spin.  There are a number of possible spins, including “upside-down controller” and playing “blindfolded.”

This is the 6th gaming marathon that and they’ve raised a total of $37, 851.  Go check out their current marathon and donate.

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The Buzzz About 2012

So tomorrow is December 21, the date of the predicted apocalypse. Tomorrows post might be our last. Lets see what happens. But until then here’s another theory.

By David Golebee

At BTS communications, our favorite apocalypse theory has to be “The Bee Deaths Theory.”This dire prediction goes something like this: In the last 15 years, honeybees are becoming endangered across the globe. With no bees to do the invaluable task of helping plants reproduce, plants go extinct, and a tragic domino effect begins, resulting in a worldwide food shortage, and eventually nuclear war, etc. Pretty interesting, eh?

In the world of bees, the queen is the main priority of the colony. When a queen bee finds its home, it will not leave even if the colony is dying out.  Everything a worker bee does is aimed at ensuring the queen’s survival and if the worker bees fulfill their duty, the colony should flourish. There is one caveat—bees have wings. Recently, worker bees have been flying away from their colonies and dying off. With the worker bees flying away from the hive, the remaining workers have not been able to sufficiently provide for their queen and the honeybee colonies have been dying out. Bees are central to the reproductive cycle of thousands of species of plants, from the tiniest flower to the tallest tree. If this decrease in honeybees continues, there will be a shortage in everything from honey to lumber.

On December 21st, some believe that the sharp decrease in honeybees will cause chaos around the world. If something isn’t done soon about the bees, a lack of crops and lumber will cause countries to ration food and attack one another to gain higher rations. The likelihood that this can happen is very high, but bio technicians and genetic engineers are working very hard to reverse this from happening anytime soon. Still, the extinction of the honeybee population is a matter that we should all be concerned about. We like this theory because at least it’s rooted in fact and not based on speculation about alien attacks, invisible planets, nonexistent Mayan scripture and urban legends. We’re definitely not sweetening our coffee with honey any time soon.

Do you think this will happen? Why or why not? Ohh and good luck tomorrow!!!

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Debunking the Apocalypse

So when it comes to the apocalypse, there’s good news and bad news.  The good news is that NASA, SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), and virtually every other reputable scientific organization have debunked all of the apocalypse scenarios that have been put forth.  The bad news is people are still freaking out about it.

DoomsdayEarthThere’s nothing wrong with people that are still “a little concerned.” No, the ones to worry about are individuals that, even after being reassured by the greatest minds of our time, are still holed up in a bunker somewhere with a shotgun and a can of SpaghettiOs.

These people cannot be helped by taunting, education is the only way for people to change.  For example, one of the theories centered on how the world will end on Friday is that a “rogue planet” named Nibiru, which was apparently discovered by the ancient Samarians, will crash into Earth and annihilate all life.  People are always entitled to their beliefs but let’s look at some facts before we start selling all our worldly possessions.

IF there were a “rogue planet” that was 2 days away from hitting Earth, it would be the brightest thing in the sky.  It would be visible from all places on the planet and would, by now, be larger than the moon.

The dominant “theory” which has persisted through all the talk of a December Apocalypse is the ending of the Mayan Calendar.  To most believers it is the nail in the coffin for all the people that doubt them. Phrases such as, “How can you be so oblivious?  Don’t you know the Mayan calendar is ending,” have become commonplace.

There are many responses to this question but the simplest answer is this: Yes, this cycle of the Mayan calendar is ending.  The Mayans depicted their calendar on large, circular stone tablets that end every 394 years.  The truth is that just because archaeologists haven’t found the calendar for the next cycle doesn’t mean that the world is going to end.  Maybe it was destroyed.  Or maybe the Mayans decided that since they had 394 years, maybe they’d wait a while before carving it out.  Unfortunately, the Mayan civilization died out long ago so we will never know the truth.

For a complete list of theories and the scientific response to them, check out this fact sheet from the helpful people at SETI.

In the meantime, just try and stay calm.

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How To Survive the Apocalypse

How To Survive the Apocalypse

December 21st is fast approaching.  Here’s a list of 5 things you’ll definitely want to have and 5 things you can probably don’t need when the world ends.

5 Things you need.

  1. Nudie Mags: With no Internet, this long-dead medium of adult entertainment will suddenly skyrocket in value.
  2. Camel: They are surprising tasty and full of delicious calories.  If the thought of sauteed camel grosses you out, they can also be used for efficient transportation. As an added bonus, their deadly and accurate spitting ability makes them excellent guard animals.
  3. Facial Hair: In a world without laws, you can’t look weak. A nice mane of facial hair can make a person look more intimidating (this also applies to women). Who would you try to mug first, Conan O’Brien, or Joaquin Pheonix?
  4. Rollerblades: Like mopeds, blades are fun until your friends see you on them. In the post apocalypse, your friends will be dead, so you can finally be a free spirit.
  5. Hair care products: The apocalypse is no excuse to stop looking good. Your “dream somebody” could still be one of the survivors, and there won’t be much competition.

5 Things you DON’T need.

  1. Fishing pole: Eating fish has always had the added risk of mercury poisoning but in a post apocalyptic world you can add radiation poisoning to the list of fishy dangers.
  2. Gold: In a world governed by violence and ruled by tribes of nomadic thugs, canned food will be more valuable than this decorative yellow metal.  Have you tried eating gold?  It’s hard on the dental work.
  3. Ke$ha: After the world ends everyone will be sad and depressed. People will need soothing music like Michael Bolton or The Jackson 5 

4.  Instagram: If you still feel the need to post “cute” self-portraits after a comet hits the earth, you won’t last too long in a world where only the strong survive and you must kill or be killed.

5.  Cat dusting slippers: After the apocalypse, cats will be more valuable as a food source. Dust will be the least of your problems.catdusterslippers

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Top 5 Things I Won’t Get to Do if the World Ends

By Josh Silver

If the world ends this Friday, missing out on these 5 things will be an epic bummer:

  1. See if the Lakers will make the playoffs
Kobe Bryant Lakers

Domenic Gareri /

It’s the question that weighs on many a Los Angeles native’s mind.  Will the Lakers even make the playoffs?  After a pitiful start to their season, the Lakers have been trying to claw their way back to respectability.  So far, their efforts have been moot.  Their current record stands at 11-14 and unless they seriously pick up the pace, they are definitely going to miss the playoffs this year.  Either way, if the world ends this week we’ll never be able to find out what could have been.

2. Watch the new Superman movie

Every time I watch the trailer for this movie, I start to drool.  That’s about the closest I can come to describing how excited I am about this movie.  The Man of Steel opens in June of 2013.  Sadly, if the world does end, none of us will ever see this movie unless Superman really can reverse the rotation of the earth and turn back time.Superman

3. Witness the outcome of the Fiscal Cliff

The climax of the Fiscal Cliff is upon us and most investors agree that we are teetering on the edge of financial meltdown.  Here’s the good news.  The world might actually end before we have to face the financial music.  So start spending America.  Buy a car, rent a yacht, and take lion-training lessons.  If the world ends tomorrow, it really doesn’t matter what tax breaks Congress decides upon; we’re all going down with the ship.

4. Read the last Game of Thrones Book

Game_of_Thrones_title_cardI was hoping that when they started to make the books into a TV series, that the author would rush to finish the ending of this epic series.  Alas, George RR Martin is still taking his sweet time.  True, the books will probably be amazing because of the time and effort he put into them, but none of that will matter if I am never able to read them.  My biggest regret in life will be never knowing the fate of Jon Snow.

5. See the 2013 Coachella Hologram

I was really angry when I realized that I could potentially miss this.  As soon as they discover how to bring dead musicians back to life using holograms, the world has to end.  Great, thanks for that universe.  Imagine all the amazing people you could see in concert if we just make it to 2013.  Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Milli AND Vanilli—the possibilities are endless!

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