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By Ben Spielberg

On March 5, 2010, popular comedian and television show host Conan O’ Brien decided to follow a random girl on Twitter. Her name is Sarah Killen, and within 24 hours she had over 10,000 people following her as well. For Conan O’ Brien, this action was completely effortless. Just a quick click of the “follow” button and all of a sudden, Sarah Killen’s whole function was changed. Twitter is part of a new wave of social networking websites, where, unlike MySpace and Facebook, the “profile” portion is almost nonexistent. Twitter is basically just the status updates on Facebook, or as they’re called natively, “tweets.” There is a wide range of possible tweets, for instance, @DeniseJonas said three hours ago, “There’s nothing like Angel food cake & an electric knife for dessert!!” @LApaid is not as ecstatic, though, “There’s no such thing as talking “White” or talking “Black”. It’s either you speak correct grammar or just sound completely uneducated.” Twitter users can range from big time celebrities, corporations, and anybody with Internet access around the world. It is one of the fastest growing websites right now—in February it was clocked that there about 600 tweets per second, which is right behind Facebook’s 700 updates per second.

Unfortunately, some people have more problems than how often they tweet. They want more followers who can read and comment on their tweets. However, it is more difficult than one may think to accumulate thousands of Twitter followers. It is a small enough probability that a random person will end up on somebody else’s Twitter, and once they do that person will immediately make one quick, snap judgment whether to close the page or click the “follow” button. People have developed tons of different strategies to gain followers—typing in “how to get Twitter followers” in a Google search renders about 137 million websites. There is actually a considerable split in the advice, too. Some people think that the more often they tweet, the more followers will come. On the other hand, some people prefer the quality tweets they can identify with to the machine gun tweeting method. Some prefer very general pages, where somebody can go through many different topics a day, while others suggest to keep all tweets very specific and find your own personal niche. All in all, if your goal is to have 500,000 Twitter followers, you better get started.

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