Zuckerberg is Time’s Man of the Year. “Click to ‘Like it”

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By M. Alexander

Time recently voted Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg, its 2010 “Person of the Year“.  Facebook now has 500 million users across the world, over half of Americans have a Facebook account and 70 percent of users live outside of the country.

Anytime a noun becomes a verb, it is probably important.  A few years back, Google became a verb; Facebook has now entered our vocabulary in the same fashion.  If someone takes a picture of me, I might say “Are you going to ‘Facebook’ that?”  If a friend says something clever, chances are it will become a status update. If I meet a good looking girl, I might add her on Facebook instead of asking for her number.

Facebook now dominates my communication.  I can talk to people I haven’t seen in years, check out pictures of people who have gotten ugly, see which people are creepy based upon their comments under a friend’s pictures.  Mark Zuckerberg changed the way I communicate and he has changed the way 500 million other people communicate.  Has he won a Nobel Peace Prize? No.  Did he cure a disease? No. Did he help end a destructive war? No.  But he has changed the world in his own way.  Is he possibly the most important person of the year?  Yes, I can buy into that.  Way to go computer nerd!  You made it!

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