The Death of the Flip Brings a Life Out of an Android

Flip Video Camera Connected by USB to Laptop

Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr

By Ben Spielberg

Remember those old Nokia cell phones that were shaped like bricks? Yeah, the ones that didn’t have color let alone a touch screen? How about when the first point-and-shoot digital cameras were released to the public, barely averaging 2.7 megapixels sensors? And who can forget about the portable VHS camcorder that most dad’s used to shoot those cheesy home movies with?

Apparently, everyone can. Cell phones are rife with texting capabilities, Internet browsing, and even futuristic interactive screens. For the average person, there is no longer a need for a digital camera—cell phone cameras have between 5-8 megapixels and there are even applications like Hipstamatic and Instagram to make editing via phone a lot easier.

How about those precious home movies? In 2006, a camcorder titled Flip Video was released and quickly became the best selling camcorder on Amazon. It was popular because it was easy to use and intuitive—just turn it on, point and shoot! Uploading the video to a computer was just as simple. Unfortunately, it has been decided that the reign of the Flip has officially been concluded—the company has closed down the Flip business.

With cell phones evolving at such a rapid rate, the Flip really didn’t stand a chance. I predict that in a couple years, the camera on an iPhone or Droid will outshoot the famous Flip! It make me sad…..I always wanted to buy a Flip, but it looks my money will be better spent on the iPhone 7.

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