5 Apps to go Crazy For

By Katie Funk

I love the App Store on my iPhone! Specifically, I love the “free apps” section. Every day, I at least browse the Top 10 List and will probably even download one or two apps.  True, most of them are completely useless, so I end up deleting a lot.  But then there are those free apps that, while they are in no way productive and only distract me from the reality that is life, I can’t help but appreciate their presence of my screen.  Here are my top 5 favorite time wasters:

Words With Friends

This app engages my competitive nature and seriously reduces my guilt of spending hours a day only to loose to my opponent because I tell myself that I am engaging my intellect.  Yes, it does require words, but I still pretty much stick to my stunted vocabulary.  Regardless, I think it’s flipping awesome. And for anyone who loves scrabble or enjoys friendly competition: this waste of time is for you!

Please excuse the mess, I'm currently redecorating

Bakery Story

And no, the title is not deceiving; this app allows me to create my virtual bakery where I bake, sell, and design, my own pastry shop. And yes, I consider myself to be a somewhat normal human. Growing up a lover of Sims, I feel a little piece of me is missing without the virtual lives I created on my computer, and this little app has helped me to fill the void in my heart.  Who says we can’t revert back to childhood for a moment when it only costs us the screen space of one measly iPhone application… and a few hours a day?

ABCs of Boobs

With just a click learn a fun fact about the female body part that is breasts.  That’s gotta spark even a little interest.

Sandwich Maker

I’m hungry and there is no food in sight.  What do I do? I whip out my handy dandy Sandwich Maker and whip together the tastiest virtual meal I could imagine by selecting from the endless ingredients; I can even add chips and a drink! While, it won’t cure hunger, it sure is pretty fun and can serve a phenomenal distraction from my never-ending appetite. Yum!


Nobody ever wants to be in a situation where they don’t know where the nearest In-N-Out is.  That would just be ridiculous.

What am I doing with my life? While I probably won’t spend most of my time learning about boobs, I don’t exactly increase my productivity or intelligence with these apps.  And judging by the this list, nobody else is either. No, that doesn’t make me feel any better; it just means we are all falling victim to the ridiculously pointless apps that derail our lives. Now if you will please excuse me, I have a virtual sandwich to make.

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