Software Review: SocialSafe

By Katie Funk

What if Facebook or Twitter suddenly crashes? All of the pictures, wall posts, status updates, and Friends would be lost forever. Even if one friend deletes his profile, any pictures he had posted would be deleted as well.  Too eagerly, we trust the power of the Internet and our social media sites without a backup plan for the content we store on them.  The solution is SocialSafe, a program that backs up your entire Facebook and Twitter accounts right on your own computer.  For Facebook that includes your profile, tagged photos, status updates, friends, and wall posts.  And for Twitter, SocialSafe backs up tweets, mentions, messages, followers, following, follower information, and profile.

You pay $6.99 one time to secure your entire social media world.  I think this is a really great app for those whose Facebooks are mostly content from other people’s cameras. Most of us backup our music and documents, so why not our Facebooks and Twitters too? For about 7 bucks I think its pretty worth it to back up and organize your social media content. The only con I found was that it does not let you upload to your iPhoto and can be a little slow if you have a lot of pictures.

SocialSafe in action

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  1. Tim Simmon says:

    I like the auto responder function of Omnistar Mailer

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