iRequest an iPhone 4S

This blog is a unique opportunity to look through the eyes of one of our employees.  At BTS Communications, we make it our business to know everything new in digital and technology.  We are marketing agents.  We are businessmen.  We are tech-conscious.  We are addicts.  This is how a BTS Comm quadrophenic mind processes the new iPhone 4S…

Dear Mom and Dad,

I understand why you want me to get the iPhone 4 instead of the 4S.  As I understand, these are the reasons.

1. Cost

2. I don’t take care of my things

If I have missed any reasons, let me know verbally or through email.

Here is why I want the 4S.

Siri.  It would enable me to listen to a text message while I am in the car (hands free), so that I can then text back using only my voice, saying “Dad.  I am at the 405.  I will meet you at the Opera in 15 minutes” or I could set a reminder saying, “At 5 o’clock, remind me to call Grandma so that I can tell her about my tattoo removal and that I exchanged my girlfriend for a rich, Jewish girl who has only had one drink in her entire life and didn’t like it because it stopped her from fixing her grandmother’s roof.” or I could ask for directions, “Siri.  Help me find my soul.”

Dual core A5 chip.  This will make everything I do faster.  I can go online to find a restaurant that you guys will like in less time than ever before.  I can go from a news app that tells me about your retirement options to an app that explains how to be a better son in record time.

Better camera.  The new phone has an 8 megapixel camera with all new optics, meaning that you can now see me in a better light…or no light at all.  I can also crop photos right on the iPhone, so I can cut myself out when I don’t look so good and keep you guys in the picture (because you always look so beautiful).

These are the reasons I want it.  Now please allow me to explain why I should have it.

If the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S were the same price, I would of course get the iPhone 4S, making the main distinction the price factor of $100.  I would like to subsidize this cost in whatever way I can.  Instead of a birthday dinner, which might cost a lot of money, we can celebrate in a cost-effective manner (water bagels with no cream cheese if necessary).  I am also willing and able to take $10 out of each of my paychecks until the difference is paid back.  I know that it may seem like I am paying these loans instead of other ones, but as Mom will tell you, I called Citibank this morning and obtained a forbearance and have already drafted a letter to send to them.  I know that this is only one of my many debts and that finances have been one of the largest impediments to my “perfect” recovery, but I think I have done a pretty damned good job in this whole process (though there are still places where huge leaps of progress are necessary).

This is the part where you guys say, “We always tell him no and then he convinces us otherwise.”  Just to acknowledge, this is what I’m doing right now.  If it seems manipulative, it’s probably because it is manipulative.  The first step is to acknowledge it.  But we must now draw a line between what is appropriate manipulation and what is inappropriate manipulation.  I believe that this falls on the side of the former, rather than the latter.  My current phone, though not taken care of perfectly, has nonetheless lasted 20 months.  When I got the phone, you said don’t lose it.  I didn’t.  I kept that commitment.  And now I am sober and capable of a lot more than I was 20 months ago.  Tell me to take care of it.  And I will show you that I can make progress even in this aspect of my life.

Your Son,

Anonymous Recovering Manipulator

Follow Up:  Through successful appropriate manipulation, our anonymous author convinced his parents to get him the new iPhone 4S. Look for his comprehensive review on Monday.

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