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Occupy Wall Street’s Biggest Competition

With all the hype surrounding Occupy Wall Street, it’s easy to forget about all the other “Occupy” movements. Hopefully after reading this, you guys will keep the other 99% of protests in mind. Occupy Blog Street Slogan: Divide WordPress, Share … Continue reading

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Trending Review: #HottestPeopleOnTwitter

By Ben Spielberg It seems quite natural for human beings to categorize ourselves—in high school, we had the jocks, the Goths, the nerds, and the burnouts (we have all of these in our office). The latest trending hashtag brings these … Continue reading

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Anonymous Hactivates in Mexico

By Ben Spielberg It’s pretty clear by now that I love Anonymous. Not only do I think Guy Fawkes masks are awesome, but the fact that a leaderless organization is so powerful raises the hairs on the back of my … Continue reading

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Trending Review: #firstworldpains

By Ben Spielberg This is, to date, my favorite topic I’ve seen go viral. #FirstWorldPains is great because it is a snarky acknowledgement of privilege and inferred gratitude. It is perhaps the greatest “both/and” in history; while many users are … Continue reading

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