Is Marketing Evil?

Seeing how this blog is coming from a marketer’s perspective, you probably already know the answer to that question.  People see the entire marketing concept as a conglomerate of cash-bloated corporations who want to brainwash the public into spending unnecessary dollars.  I’m here to prove to you, the reader, that marketing can be a beautiful process and that a brand can, in turn, have influential and sentimental attachments throughout our entire lives.Lego Ad

Below is a list of common criticisms about marketing followed by the response to that argument.

Criticism: Marketers are morally corrupt and depict hyper-sexualized images to the world.

Response: A main objective of marketing is to create awareness that needs exist, not to create needs.  For example, clothes are a basic need of society.  Advertising simply teaches us that companies like Macy’s and Gap can satisfy that need better than, say, a banana leaf tied around our waist.  Marketers simply want to point you in a direction rather than create a new direction.  They don’t create a distorted view of pleasure and sexuality; they simply use the view that is already in place. Use Electricity Wisely Ad

Criticism: Advertising is unnecessary and fosters a materialistic society.

Response: Advertising greatly reduces the search time for items that people would already need to buy.  By putting billboards and commercials up everywhere, marketers give the public a larger scope of the available products so that they can make a more informed decision on what is out there.  If Gillette never did any marketing, very few people would know when they came out with a new product like a razor with 4 blades.  Millions of men would probably just buy the first disposable blade they came across and never know that there was something more comfortable out there.Sony Ad

Criticism: Marketers make products seem magical and manipulate consumers through lies.

Response: People aren’t dumb.  It is highly doubtful that people buy axe because they really think women are going to chase them down and smell them.  The truth is that while marketing is highly needed, advertisers do well when they sell good products and do poorly when they sell bad products.  The failure rate for most new products is anywhere from 40%-80%.  Factually, it doesn’t matter how many unicorns or magical properties you put in an advertisement; the weight of the product carries the success of that product.  HSBC Iceberg Ad

The ads placed throughout this blog are ones that I think show off the beauty and imagination of advertisements.   Let me know some of your favorites.

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