Everything You Need Comes From 10 Companies

Sometimes an amazing graphic just drops into your lap and the only recourse available is to show it to the world.


As you can see, almost every consumer product that a person could want or need can be boiled down to only 10 companies.  Many of these companies started out making one specific product (i.e. Pepsico and Nestle) but branched out into different areas of consumer need.


Two other concepts are equally prevalent from this infographic.  The first is that companies try to buy up all competitors of a particular product.  You can see that it doesn’t really matter what kind of laundry detergent you buy, P&G basically has a monopoly on the market.


The second thing that is made clear is that when many companies are owned by one huge corporation, it makes for some very innovative product distribution.  It isn’t just a coincidence that Taco Bell recently came out with a Doritos Loco Taco (a taco that uses a Doritos as the shell).  Both companies are owned by Pepsico and there was probably a very unique strategy meeting that went into the creation of that product.


Total Assets of the 10 Companies










General Mills—$21.4b


What is something you learned from this infographic?

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2 Responses to Everything You Need Comes From 10 Companies

  1. Eliana K says:

    I learned that Big Brother lives! :). Maybe I have to start buying small boutique and local to feel like i have some control over my choices. Or maybe by anticonforming i’m just conforming all over again….Ok now I’m confused….!

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