Saving The World, One Panda At A Time

By Chris AlvarezToday started as just another Wednesday.  I’d been sitting at my desk, twiddling my thumbs and trying to come up with a blog idea.  My supervisor saw that I was struggling and haphazardly told me an assignment.  “Write a blog on a non-profit’s ad and talk about why it’s so good,” he said before quickly walking away.  I thought this would be really easy, find one ad and write about it.  I decided to search for World Wildlife Fund and boy was I wrong, it was anything but easy.

My goal was to pick just one ad and spotlight it but I couldn’t decide.  Every single ad I saw was thought provoking, clever, and interesting.  These ads have an uncanny ability to blend imagery with simplistic copy and create a truly memorable advertising experience.  One shows a tuna swimming with a panda mask on, and asks, “Would you care more about me if I was a Panda?”


Another shows a man who has the head of a fish, and says “Stop climate change before it changes you.”  I couldn’t stop looking at them and I knew there was no way that I could choose just one.  First of all the design of these ads are remarkable.  They went from fun to sad, exciting to unpredictable; some were tear jerking while others made me mad. The copy too was unbelievably clever, fascinating and informative while some of it was just pure insulting.

It seems that no matter what ad they produce, The World Wildlife Fund is on the right track.

Why don’t you take some time to Google them and see for yourself

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