A Spoonful of Big Bird Helps the Economy Go Down

By Josh Silver

Since the start of Twitter there have always been some unexpected trending topics that seem to pop up.  Everything from current politics to Justin Bieber’s haircut have made it into Twitter’s list of the most currently talked about topics on their site.  Who’s hot and who’s weird, Mad Men, things people say after eating, good break-up lines—everything that sparkles and buzzes within our society have been there.  Yet none seem so anomalous as one of today’s current Trending Topics: Big Bird.

Big Bird Obama AdYes, that’s right, the big yellow bird that all of us loved as three-year-olds is now one of the most talked about subjects on the Internet.  Confused?  Don’t be.  The explanation is fairly simple.  During last week’s Presidential Debate, Mitt Romney revealed his idea to decrease funding for public broadcasting, which could potentially eliminate channels like PBS and therefore eliminate Big Bird.  In the week that has followed President Obama has leapt into offensive mode, firing off a barrage of speeches and ads that are aimed at taunting Mitt Romney.  The only problem is now people are lashing out at Obama for his obsession with the subject.

And so, it seems that our politicians have done it again.  In a world where the economy is in the toilet and there are poverty stricken nations without clean water and medicine, not only are they talking about Big Bird, but they’ve got us talking about him too.  It seems the simplest explanation is that people just don’t want to think about things like the attack in Libya or the mounting debt crisis.  Who knows, maybe we’re all regressing to a child-like state because the world is just too hard to deal with.

Let’s keep the options open for some comments.

Option 1: What are your thoughts on the current political scene and it’s disregard toward intelligent topical discussion?

Option 2: What do you like about Big Bird?

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