Marketers Seize the Chance For Their Own Space Jump

The “Jump From Space” performed by Felix Baumgartner last week has become one of the most widely talked about stunts in recent memory.  Sponsored by Redbull, Felix ascended to a height of nearly 24 miles, shattering the previous record of 19 miles, and became the first human to break the speed of sound in freefall.

This has led other marketing teams to set up their own gimmicks in an attempt to capitalize on the media coverage from the event.  UK-based agency, JWT London, set up a stunt where they sent a Kit Kat bar into space a few days before the big jump to give Felix a “fun break.”

The team at LEGO has put together a full reenactment of the feat performed by stop motion LEGOs.  When watching this video it’s hard to imagine which took more work, the real jump or organizing and shooting all those little LEGO people.  Either way, the ingenuity deserves some real credit.

The most recent tip of the hat to Felix was “The World’s Shortest Freefall” performed on Conan over the weekend and sponsored by Slim Jim.  In a comedic spin on the prominent event, a man in a space suit hovered above the ground on wires and fell and astounding 4 inches!

Although all of these marketing stunts are worth a watch none of them compare to the 10.7 million views that the actual Jump From Space has garnered on Youtube as of today.

What has been your favorite part of watching Felix Baumgartner fall from space?

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