Social Media Surfers

By David Gole

People use social media for many purposes, from sharing information about their everyday life to promoting their ideas by putting up photos or video. This weekend Youtube was used for just that purpose as it covered a gorilla marketing stunt in the most iconic place in America, New York City. As one of the most populous cities in the world, it is the perfect place for crazy publicity stunts.

Surfing NYC

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Two surfers, along with their motorized surfboards, set out on an epic surf session in the streets of Manhattan. Many might ask, Why do such a crazy stunt? What are they trying to accomplish? Do they have a reasonable cause? The purpose behind this stunt was to promote the opening of the movie Chasing Mavericks coming to theaters this Friday October 26th. Chasing Mavericks is about two surfers (Jonny Weston and Gerard Butler) trying to find one of the biggest waves in the world.

You may think that this is an idiotic way to promote a movie, since it is likely to get someone killed, but no matter how you view it, you become more aware of the movie. Perhaps you become so curious that you go to a matinee and see Chasing Mavericks. So why try to promote a movie through social media when you can just make trailers and billboards? Every day, Facebook acquires 700,000 new users and 500 years worth of videos are viewed on Youtube. So is it smart for promotion teams to use social media sites to target an audience? You tell me.

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1 Response to Social Media Surfers

  1. Joseph Gole says:

    Terrific insight and interesting perspective on our changing world. Thank you for your cogent thoughts and observations. Well done.

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