Unfriending Political Facebookers

We all see it; whenever there’s an election coming up Facebook turns into a political war zone.  People that you’ve known for years are suddenly experts on national turmoil. Or, there’s that person you’ve had a crush on somehow ruins it by turning out to be a right- or left-wing nut job.

Let’s look on the bright side, though.  Thanks to the collective chattering of thousands of your “friends” we can finally see people’s true colors.  No, it’s not about whether you’re red or blue.  It’s about whether or not you think before you post things.  You really just have to ask yourself one question—“is this something I want others to know about me?”

If the answer is yes, then by all means, post away.  Get up on your social media soapbox and broadcast your particular brand of crazy to the world.  But don’t complain when you start disappearing from people’s newsfeeds.  According to a poll conducted by Mashable, 47% of users unfriended someone during the election and another 33% “thought about it, but didn’t.”

Let’s just extrapolate that a bit and assume that there are plenty of unhappy Facebookers out there.  In the future, let’s just keep social media sociable.

Did any of you unfriend people because of the elections?

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