BTSComm Battle “Thanksgiving Edition”

Turkey vs. Tofurkey

It’s Thanksgiving folks, and fittingly we’re kicking off our BTS Battle series of entries with a special edition—a battle of famous food entrees. Let’s see how the contenders match up:

An American Classic.




-Low fat content

-Sentimental value

-Aesthetics (looks like a turkey)



-Political incorrectness

-Tryptophan sleepiness

-Tricky preparation


Mouth watering. Umm, yeah.


-Political correctness


-Ease of preparation



-Flavor (sorry, “meat analogues” can’t beat the real thing)

-High fat content (much higher than Turkey)

-Lack of tradition or sentimentality

-Aesthetics (looks like an uninspiring, round ball of dough)

The winner: TURKEY

After hours of deliberation and careful consideration, BTS Communications picked Turkey as the winner of our first-ever “BTS Battle.” Numerous compelling reasons were cited by our staff, but graphic designer Zach Fetters summed it up best when he asked “Why would you half-ass anything?” This is a truth that extends beyond the dinner table. It’s an aphorism, an uplifting proverb.

So, please, don’t “half-ass” this great holiday. Eat a Turkey. Please.

From the staff of BTS Communications, happy Thanksgiving.

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