Top 5 Things I Won’t Get to Do if the World Ends

By Josh Silver

If the world ends this Friday, missing out on these 5 things will be an epic bummer:

  1. See if the Lakers will make the playoffs
Kobe Bryant Lakers

Domenic Gareri /

It’s the question that weighs on many a Los Angeles native’s mind.  Will the Lakers even make the playoffs?  After a pitiful start to their season, the Lakers have been trying to claw their way back to respectability.  So far, their efforts have been moot.  Their current record stands at 11-14 and unless they seriously pick up the pace, they are definitely going to miss the playoffs this year.  Either way, if the world ends this week we’ll never be able to find out what could have been.

2. Watch the new Superman movie

Every time I watch the trailer for this movie, I start to drool.  That’s about the closest I can come to describing how excited I am about this movie.  The Man of Steel opens in June of 2013.  Sadly, if the world does end, none of us will ever see this movie unless Superman really can reverse the rotation of the earth and turn back time.Superman

3. Witness the outcome of the Fiscal Cliff

The climax of the Fiscal Cliff is upon us and most investors agree that we are teetering on the edge of financial meltdown.  Here’s the good news.  The world might actually end before we have to face the financial music.  So start spending America.  Buy a car, rent a yacht, and take lion-training lessons.  If the world ends tomorrow, it really doesn’t matter what tax breaks Congress decides upon; we’re all going down with the ship.

4. Read the last Game of Thrones Book

Game_of_Thrones_title_cardI was hoping that when they started to make the books into a TV series, that the author would rush to finish the ending of this epic series.  Alas, George RR Martin is still taking his sweet time.  True, the books will probably be amazing because of the time and effort he put into them, but none of that will matter if I am never able to read them.  My biggest regret in life will be never knowing the fate of Jon Snow.

5. See the 2013 Coachella Hologram

I was really angry when I realized that I could potentially miss this.  As soon as they discover how to bring dead musicians back to life using holograms, the world has to end.  Great, thanks for that universe.  Imagine all the amazing people you could see in concert if we just make it to 2013.  Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Milli AND Vanilli—the possibilities are endless!

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