The Buzzz About 2012

So tomorrow is December 21, the date of the predicted apocalypse. Tomorrows post might be our last. Lets see what happens. But until then here’s another theory.

By David Golebee

At BTS communications, our favorite apocalypse theory has to be “The Bee Deaths Theory.”This dire prediction goes something like this: In the last 15 years, honeybees are becoming endangered across the globe. With no bees to do the invaluable task of helping plants reproduce, plants go extinct, and a tragic domino effect begins, resulting in a worldwide food shortage, and eventually nuclear war, etc. Pretty interesting, eh?

In the world of bees, the queen is the main priority of the colony. When a queen bee finds its home, it will not leave even if the colony is dying out.  Everything a worker bee does is aimed at ensuring the queen’s survival and if the worker bees fulfill their duty, the colony should flourish. There is one caveat—bees have wings. Recently, worker bees have been flying away from their colonies and dying off. With the worker bees flying away from the hive, the remaining workers have not been able to sufficiently provide for their queen and the honeybee colonies have been dying out. Bees are central to the reproductive cycle of thousands of species of plants, from the tiniest flower to the tallest tree. If this decrease in honeybees continues, there will be a shortage in everything from honey to lumber.

On December 21st, some believe that the sharp decrease in honeybees will cause chaos around the world. If something isn’t done soon about the bees, a lack of crops and lumber will cause countries to ration food and attack one another to gain higher rations. The likelihood that this can happen is very high, but bio technicians and genetic engineers are working very hard to reverse this from happening anytime soon. Still, the extinction of the honeybee population is a matter that we should all be concerned about. We like this theory because at least it’s rooted in fact and not based on speculation about alien attacks, invisible planets, nonexistent Mayan scripture and urban legends. We’re definitely not sweetening our coffee with honey any time soon.

Do you think this will happen? Why or why not? Ohh and good luck tomorrow!!!

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1 Response to The Buzzz About 2012

  1. Joseph Gole says:

    Very informative and alarming. Thank you for raising our knowledge to an inevitable challenge that is facing us now and in the future. Brilliant reporting and informing of important facts we all need to know. Congratulations on another great report. JG

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