Advertising in The “Har-Bowl”

By David Gole

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year in the country. This year’s game is between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, and on top of that, the coaches of both of the teams are brothers. Jim and John Harbaugh will face off against each other in the second “Har-Bowl” in February. One brother will go on to be known as a champion, the other as a disappointment to their family. Almost every American will be in front of the TV with their friends and family for not only the game but also everybody’s favorite time of the year – Super Bowl Commercials.

footballThe Super Bowl began as an event where the best football team of the year is declared in an all out showdown. Years later, it has evolved into the biggest television event of the year and that means one thing—great commercials. Big companies such as Doritos and Pepsi go all out in their marketing strategies. If the Super Bowl is the most watched event every year in America, why wouldn’t you try to sucker as many people as you can to buy your product in a 30 second segment? So far these commercials have not disappointed either. One of the favorites from last years Super Bowl, the Darth Vader Volkswagen Commercial, has over 55 million views on YouTube since the Super Bowl. In addition to marketing already popular brands, up and coming companies who were willing to spend the extra dollar made their debut with their Super Bowl ads.

A good example of one of these monster debut ads is Go Daddy. During the first quarter of Super Bowl 39, Go Daddy aired it’s first ever ad. Go Daddy’s raunchy advertising was the first of its kind during the Super Bowl, raking in 1.5 million hits to before the game ended, and leaving every viewer with its own opinion weather it be bad or good.

Bottom line, good marketing equals good results. With Go Daddy, the controversy of their advertisement brought attention to the site and made them money. When Volkswagen makes a Star Wars based ad, it draws attention to a diverse group of people. This year’s showdown between the Harbaugh brothers will bring in fans, drama lovers, and anyone who likes a good ad. It should be one for the ages so expect a good show.

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