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About Beit T'Shuvah

Beit T’Shuvah is a residential addiction treatment center, congregation, and an educational institute where life is celebrated and every soul matters.

The Place We Call Home

By Charlie Patterson You wouldn’t know it, but BTS Communications’ headquarters is a thing of beauty. It’s a gem in an otherwise aesthetically ordinary-looking neighborhood. We’re perched right above a shopping center near the intersection of National and Venice. When … Continue reading

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Following the Beit T’ Shuvah Marathon Team

By Lon Levin/President/BTS Communications Early Sunday morning and I mean early…5:30, I arrived at Santa Monica Pier to meet my BTS Communications media team. We were meeting to record video and take photographs of the Beit T’ Shuvah Marathon team … Continue reading

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Is “Nonprofit” Becoming a Bad Word?

By Charlie Patterson At BTS communications, our idea of a nonprofit is simple—it’s an organization that seeks to better the world without trying to enrich itself. But these days, the word “nonprofit” can conjure different imagery. Regretfully, “nonprofit” organizations are … Continue reading

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The Redemption Chronicles

Have a Happy Wednesday! Photoblogger E-Pad

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By Josh Silver and Jason Dean The human eye is seduced by color, shape, and contrast. Knowing this, marketers employ specific methods to draw the consumer’s attention to their product. The intended emotional response can range from heightened excitement to … Continue reading

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Just Go With the Crowd

By Josh Silver You will never escape the will of the mob; about the best anyone has ever figured out how to do is herd them into voting booths. ~ Barry Shein Why is it that millions of people flock … Continue reading

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3 Easy Steps to Re-branding Yourself as a Presidential Prospect Using Social Media

By M. Alexander You deliver brilliant speeches (written by smart people who wear glasses and use old computers) about the state of the nation, your team has been digging up juicy dirt on other candidates, and you’ve kissed every baby … Continue reading

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