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I entered Beit T'Shuvah in August 2010. It is my home as well as my work. I'm 21 years old, an aspiring writer, musician, and general adventurer.

Anonymous Hactivates in Mexico

By Ben Spielberg It’s pretty clear by now that I love Anonymous. Not only do I think Guy Fawkes masks are awesome, but the fact that a leaderless organization is so powerful raises the hairs on the back of my … Continue reading

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Trending Review: #firstworldpains

By Ben Spielberg This is, to date, my favorite topic I’ve seen go viral. #FirstWorldPains is great because it is a snarky acknowledgement of privilege and inferred gratitude. It is perhaps the greatest “both/and” in history; while many users are … Continue reading

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Looks Like Google Needs A Coupon To Buy Groupon

Image via Wikipedia By Ben Spielberg Who doesn’t love saving money? I know I do, and in this economy, saving a few bucks for a massage, a couple cupcakes, or camping supplies can do a lot of good. That’s what … Continue reading

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Posers or Pioneers?

Image via CrunchBase Google’s first departure from being a dedicated search engine and into the vast array of an ever-expanding cyber world launched in 2004. It was called Gmail, and very quickly became wildly successful. There were a few things … Continue reading

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Thank Hashem It’s Friday

I open up my computer and immediately log onto Yideotube. Under the banner, in all capitals letters I read, “Yideotube: YOUR DAILY SOURCE OF CAREFULLY SCREENED VIDEOS.” I scroll down a little, and I see a video of Menachem Herman … Continue reading

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When A Simple LOL Gets Super Serious

Image via CrunchBase The National Labor Relations Board, an independent federal agency that began in 1935, are in charge of determining whether certain work related terminations are unlawful or not. Recently, a 42-year-old woman named Dawnmarie Souza was fired by … Continue reading

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