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BTS Shootout Part Deux: Hanukkah vs. Christmas

The BTS shootout is back for the holidays. In this impartial, non-denominational shootout, we’re going to settle a holiday battle that’s been going on for centuries (millennia, actually). Christmas vs. Hanukkah Hanukkah STRENGTHS: Food: Jews use Hanukkah to celebrate the … Continue reading

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Social Media Surfers

By David Gole People use social media for many purposes, from sharing information about their everyday life to promoting their ideas by putting up photos or video. This weekend Youtube was used for just that purpose as it covered a … Continue reading

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Why is America Outsourcing Our Superheroes?

We’ve all noticed the trend, even if we’ve never spoken of it.  We treat it like an embarrassing family secret, even though we all know the truth.  With all these superhero movies hitting theatres recently, it’s now becoming increasingly impossible … Continue reading

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John Carter Loses $200 Million for Disney

Before I go any further with this blog, I would like to let the reader in on a few of the other working titles that did not get chosen for this blog.  I believe that in doing so, you, the … Continue reading

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